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Sandra Bilbray

“As a child, I remember writing a song about being happy. It was simplistic. My singing was (and still is) atrocious. But the lyrics from that song still resonate with who I am today: “Be happy. There is nothing more than being happy. Every day, play, play, play, there is nothing more than being happy.” (OK, I told you it was simple!) Seriously, I live with the sense that we aren’t meant to plod through life getting by, but instead live the most fulfilling life possible, being present in each moment and spreading positivity to others.”

Sandra worked as the national columns editor for SUCCESS magazine for three years and before that she worked as a national health care editor for eight years. Today she owns The Media Concierge LLC, a company devoted to creating and managing personal development content (health, well-being, goal-fulfillment, happiness and small-business success) in the social media world. She works with authors, speakers, publishers and public relations firms to create and manage content, including books, blogs, articles, speeches, social media posts and other marketing pieces. Her work has been published in The Huffington Post, SUCCESS, Executive Travel, Meeting Professionals International, Lake Country Journal, Walden, Kendall, ON, Home Health Products, Continuing Care and Mobility Management as well as several other publications and websites.

Sandra says,

While people (pessimists!) call me idealistic, I believe we all have a choice in life and I choose HAPPY. I don’t believe we should postpone joy for down the road or after we have achieved this or that, but to create, plan and live our joy daily. It’s my mission to inspire others to find happiness, have more fun, feel more fulfilled and reap all the benefits that come from living a positive life.”

Sandra lives in the mountains of beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, with her husband, twin baby girls and two cats. 

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