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Breck Costin

Breck has over 30 years of experience as a pioneering seminar leader and is known internationally for his groundbreaking work on emotional freedom, liberation and creativity. Breck is the founder of the Absolute Freedom seminars and has helped thousands of people see their lives with new clarity and freedom from unwanted patterns of behavior. He helps people pinpoint where they are stuck and then collaboratively finds creative solutions. Through honest and diligent exploration, Breck works to contest the beliefs that have not been challenged, examine the answers that have gone unquestioned, and confront the superstitions that have been deemed sacrosanct. His style is both direct and compassionate, and his focus allows people to dismantle their fantasies so they can develop a genuine sense of what is (and isn’t) possible. “Your fantasies must die,” he says, “for your dreams to come true.”

For over 30 years, Breck has worked closely with actors, directors, heads of studios, Fortune 500 companies, therapists, individuals and families as a seminar leader, mentor, trainer and coach. He consulted organizations including NASA, JPL, major corporations, professional and college sports teams, and has been a featured guest on network television and radio shows. In addition to his seminar work, Breck has a private practice, BCC & Associates, in Los Angeles.

Breck brings a playful spirit and open heart to all of his work. Everything Breck says and does is counterintuitive, which is what makes his work so fresh, so effective and so completely transformational.

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