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Wake Up Happy: Series 6

As a thank you for being part of our Wake Up Happy series we wanted to do something special for you. So we are providing you with immediate access to our inspiring Wake Up Happy Series 6 conversations–at no cost.

Listen in on five powerful interviews with New York Times best-selling authors and experts in the fields of happiness and positive psychology. These insights and strategies to make your life better are now at your fingertips; no matter what time of day. Plus we're including transcripts and info-graphics of each session!

We hope you'll find these interviews inspiring and helpful. Thank you again for being part of our Wake Up Happy series. 


Listen in as Dr. Drew Ramsey, author of best-seller Fifty Shades of Kale and The Happiness Diet, talks about Foods that Boost your Mood.

Tune in as Mike Duffy, Founder of the Happiness Hall of Fame and author of The Happiness Book for Men, talks about the Happiness Hall of Fame.
Catch Dr. Jay Kumar, renowned thought leader, public speaker, and author of e-book Five Secrets to Achieving Authentic Health & Happiness, as he talks about Happiness Beyond Sex and Success
Join in as Mark Fernandes, Chief Leadership Officer at Luck Companies, active member of the Mason Center for Social Entrepreneurship and one of the 100 Top Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business 2014 by Trust Across America, talks about Flourishing at Home and in the Workplace.
Get excited as Christine Carter, sociologist and happiness expert at UC-Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center, talks about The Sweet Spot: Find Your Groove at Home and Work.


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