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Live Happy Magazine Launches to Help Readers Live a Happier Life

Happiness is Happening: $11.17 Billion Being Spent Annually on Self-Improvement

DALLAS, TX, October 22, 2013 – The facts show that now more than ever, the concept of achieving personal happiness is at an all-time high. People are looking to family, relationships, careers and personal achievement, desperately seeking happiness, but finding more questions than answers. The new Live Happy ​magazine and website, launching today, will be the first lifestyle magazine completely dedicated to sharing information and resources to assist in our timeless pursuit of happiness.

The premier issue of Live Happy magazine addresses the globally growing interest in happiness. Harvard offers a course in happiness which is the most popular to date. Universities are now also teaching positive psychology, as countries around the world appoint happiness chiefs and change policies to help raise overall happiness levels of their populations. No longer the domain of philosophers, academics and researchers, the journey to happiness is within everyone’s reach.  Live Happy is the first magazine ever to balance the science of positive psychology with the art of application, making happiness accessible to everyone.

Helmed by veteran Editor in Chief Karol DeWulf Nickell, formerly editor in chief of Better Homes and Gardens and at Reader’s Digest Association, Live Happy addresses the universal concept that people want happiness for themselves, their children and the world.  Live Happy will continually offer practical tools to help their readers achieve authentic happiness.

Each Live Happy issue will feature happiness-enhancing stories and articles that offer timely advice and real solutions for readers who want to be happy, including:

  • The Science and Practice of Happiness – Happiness is a scientifically proven predictor and precursor to success, as shown through content developed from the thousands of scientific studies and decades of research by well-respected experts such as Dr. Martin Seligman, Dr. Jane Dutton, Dr. Barbara Fredrickson and Shawn Achor.
  • Celebrity Interviews – Celebrities, business leaders and other public figures will share their secrets for overcoming obstacles, staying positive through challenges and maintaining happiness throughout their life journeys. The premier issue debuts with exclusive insights from Academy Award-winning American film director, producer and actor Ron Howard and Josh Radnor, best known for portraying the main character Ted Mosby on the Emmy Award-winning sitcom How I Met Your Mother.
  • Creating a Happy Lifestyle – Actively living happy requires doing as well as learning. The magazine will feature information and ideas promoting giving back in the Gratitude column, articles on how to use leisure time, and what to do at work and home to create the right environment.
  • Improving Wellbeing – Taking care of the physical self is an important aspect of wellbeing and happiness. Various articles ranging from meditation to exercise to nutrition provide readers with the tools and information they need to be healthier—and therefore happier.
  • Cultivating Meaningful Relationships – Human happiness directly correlates to the satisfaction of interpersonal relationships. Whether forming healthy and happy bonds with your family or your co-workers, the magazine provides applicable tips and practices to help you achieve better, more rewarding relationships.
  • The magazine will also include regular columns such as Friendly Table and Reading Corner, which give readers access to the happiest foods and books, along with a monthly survey sharing insight from readers around the world.

Live Happy is the first magazine to be about happiness cover to cover enabling people to actively engage, discuss and apply the principles of wellbeing and happiness,” says Editor-in-Chief Karol Nickell, “at a time when people, companies and countries are wanting to know and understand how happiness can improve everyday lives.”

The magazine will appear at more than 10,000 locations in the United States and Canada, including premium grocers Whole Foods, Kroger and Sprouts; premier placement at Hudson News and bookstores including Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Indigo Books and Shoppers Drug.

About Live Happy
Live Happy LLC, owned by veteran entrepreneur Jeff Olson, is a company dedicated to promoting and sharing authentic happiness through education, integrity, gratitude, and community awareness. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, its mission is to impact the world by bringing the happiness movement to a personal level and inspiring people to engage in living purpose-driven, healthy, meaningful lives. For more information, please visit livehappymagazine.com

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